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What do men think of Plus Size Women..

This is a topic that ladies always like to dismiss because its one they simply don’t believe. But the truth is many men do love big women and this shouldn’t be so hard to believe. Of course with the media pushing certain images through our air waves it paints the picture that those type of women are idolized more so can you really blame us big girls for feeling this way?? The posts on our facebook pages says otherwise because we have so many big girl admirers that are genuine about their feelings and they let it be known proudly and gracefully. We decided to ask some of these nice gentlemen to enlighten us on why they love big women.

Why do you love plus size women??

“Honesty for me, women are beautiful as a whole and i have never discriminated against any. I know for my size most people would think i want a girl my size small but its the exact opposite with me and a few of my friends. It has been all my life, my smallest girlfriend probably weighed about 205.” – Sam

“I love them! and always have! Im glad more people are now seeing what im seeing and im loving how things are changing. But i hate the fact that some dudes only like bigger woman as some type of fetish or trend but for me, it has been like this my whole life. I come from a African background and in our culture big women get way more love than skinny ones , not to hate on skinny women but its true. My mom was a bigger woman but VERY beautiful, my 2 sisters are bigger girls that are just too adorable and whoever dates them will be more than happy. So i guess seeing it my whole life and being very comfortable made me just love them more.” – Lionel

“I do but i dont at the same time. Yes i like big girls BUT they HAVE to be be fit. I hate seeing the fat sloppy kinds of big girls. Personally to me you have to take care of your body especially at that size. It should be no excuses either. The type of big girls i like actually go to the gym or at least go walking and don’t run out of breathe all the time. I also feel personal about this subject is because ima big guy and i know how it feels and weighs on me physically. Yes i do go to the gym, no i do not have a  6 pack but i go to the gym to stay healthy not to get skinny or lose weight.  Stomach all hanging out, oversized thighs and super flabarms is NOT CUTE ladies. These are the type of women the media always makes fun at and may be a reason why the big girl community get frowned upon because they do not preach exercise more , instead they all just tell you to love your body. smh Lies.” – Tabius


“As a man married to my wife of 8 years who happens to be plus sized i love them. My thing is i love meat on my women and love to have someone big to hold and grab onto , it makes me feel safe. The same way i make her feel safe she makes me safe when im in her arms. I am about 50 lbs lighter than her but that doesn’t get in the way of anything. Of course she has insecurities about her stomach flubber and “fatty thighs” but i make sure to make her feel comfortable. I always like to point out flaws on my body that i don’t like and she will always make me feel better about it and i can see her concerns go from hers to my attention. I do this all the time and i think it has helped her a bit with her confidence and realizing more that we all have flaws. I just love my wife at her size and will not pressure her into doing anything she doesn’t want to.” – Brandon

Each of these men are only a very small portion of the other guys out there that love plus size women. Everyone has their own reasons and preference in bigger women which is very ok because we all have a certain types that we are more drawn to. Then there are the hundreds  and thousands of others that hate us big women too and that is also ok just don’t always have to bash us down in the process. This is just a small example ladies that men do like big women, we just get tired of seeing women say that these men don’t exists. Yes they do.

– Curvy Angels