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The “standards” for plus size modeling??

The criteria for plus size modeling is changing and expanding  the more we progress into the future. Now it is becoming more popular and people are making more demands of it. Plus size models like Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Jezra M are breaking barriers into the modeling scene and forcing companies and society to pay attention to us.  The general requirements for plus size modeling is between size 12-18 for fit modeling, and abut 12-20 for runway but it really all depends on what agency or company you are working with.

Height between 5’8 and up for print modeling,  for high fashion and runway a height of 5’9 and up and for regular commercial type any height is acceptable for the most part. Do note that many plus size models outside of this criteria still find work but this is just a general standard of the “industry”.

We do not agree with the industry standards but one thing that is for sure is that the criteria will soon expand. The average plus size woman in America is around size 14-16 and we feel that models should be represented at all sizes. We understand that having a big belly, stretch marks, bulges in random places is not the ideal image that society wants to be portrayed for modeling but the truth is beauty comes in all forms. For this very reason you have companies coming under fire the media for having size 8-10 ladies representing plus size clothing which is just not realistic.

Times is changing and we can feel it in the atmosphere and the plus size industry is only going to get bigger and stronger and we cant wait for it. In the mean time PLEASE do not let these industry numbers and standards scare you away from pursing modeling, continue to look around and knock on the doors of these agencies.

– Curvy Angels