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Shieva’s fitness Journey

I think it was may 2009.. I decided to take my health serious when my sister showed me a photo she took of me in Alabama. Not that she was showing how fat I was lol but just showing all the photos she took of me. I was 22yrs old weighing almost 300 pounds 5months after my daughter.

That SAME day I came home that night looked up some workout videos on YouTube “because of course I didn’t have any”. Turbo jam was the first thing that popped up and looked fun. I did turbo jam everyday with my “one weight” all I had was ONE weight that my dad found at the car junk yard lol I worked out in my one little computer room at my parents house. I MADE room in there. I then went from working out to looking for ways to eat better. I stopped eating fried food, sweets and drinking pop which was a huge step. I knew all that mess wasn’t good for me. I started drinking shakeology from beach body “meal replacement shakes”. Months later My daughters aunt started taking me to the gym with her to these classes called “Turbo Kick” we went twice a week I believe.

The beginning of 2010 I took it up another level and started insanity.. After doing insanity I’m not sure how much weight I lost its all in the video on my YouTube video but I know I started running in place in my home because I wanted to start running but was insecure with running outside. Insanity helped me build up my stamina so I felt like I could do anything..

After that I did a 2nd round of insanity and I did turbo fire “yes both” lol some months after that I started to say screw it I’m going to finally run outside instead of in the house and I did.. and NEVER STOPPED SINCE “you see my name? Runaholic” lol and this was all in 2010.

Between 2011-2012 was the worst two years, I couldn’t get all my weight off completely. I was going through severe depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.. all this didn’t have nothing to do with my weight but i felt like something wasn’t right. I stayed at 250s forever I started looking up why am I so depressed and what could be holding my weight down…

MY IUD! That birth control had me going crazy mentally, holding my weight up, breaking out everywhere it took me months to figure out what’s wrong with me. The first part of 2013 I got it removed! The middle of 2013 I was better !!! Weight fell off quick !

(270lbs here running after having my son)

By 2014 I had hit 186lbs I was running 2-3miles a day sometimes the most 4-5miles.. I would run a whole park!!! I was so proud of myself.

As of right now I am pregnant so I’m back in my 200s however even though I’m up in weight I still don’t feel like how I was in 2009 the difference is I’m more fit physically even as a big woman then I was before so it’s still there. I still run, walk and lift weights during my pregnancy to keep my body active.

I take pride in my health and myself not only for me but for my kids. I want them to grow up active and also have a story to tell about their mom. They know that if my mom can do this! I can do anything..

Even thought I’m pregnant that same 186lb girl is still in me..and ready to come out as soon as I pop this baout! lol I will do it again !!

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