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Plus Size Fitness Trainer Cristeta

As a plus size woman it is very important to take care of your health. Its one thing to be big and proud which is totally fine, but once it starts affecting your health that’s when you should reconsider some health changes.  Little steps leads to big results. We decided to do an article on plus size fitness and we chose to do it on Cristeta Coleman who is a plus size fitness trainer and shes awesome! We loved the fact that she made life changes to better herself and health and even took it further to become a trainer. If that’s not hard work and dedication for you, we don’t know what is. Check her out below.

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“In 2012 I started having serious knee pain. I could barely walk or step on the curb. I went to the doctor and she informed me I had arthritis and it was due to being overweight for my entire life. That was my wake up call plus I promised my grandma on her death bed I would lose weight and take care of myself. So I joined the YMCA, I took Zumba and lifted weights at least 3 times a week. After a few months I got addicted to the gym I was going everyday. Eventually I joined the ychange which is a group with a personal trainer. You are taught how to eat better and cross training. I lost around 100 pounds and kept it off for 4 yrs.

(before photo)

In 2014 I decided I wanted to inspire and motivate people becoming a dance fitness instructor. I know how it was being the biggest one in the back of the class. I want to show if i can do it so can you. In the process I stop lifting and watching what i ate then stop going to the gym as much. My knee gave out again and then i found out I had scatic. The nerve pain was so bad i was on pain meds 24/7 and bedridden. A year later I was getting better then my neighbor ran his truck through my apartment hitting me in the process. So of course this sat me back.

(after photo)

I became depressed and gained 100 plus pounds. My weight continued going up until I could barely walk or breathe. I had to ride in the scooters in the store. I was 29 almost 30 and i could barely get to the bathroom without help. I even went to the consultation for the bypass because i couldn’t take it anymore. My doctor told me no surgery, you can do it again natural. Plus I didn’t like the issues you would have afterwards.

So September 2016 i said i had enough i felt trapped in my own body because i had no control over it. I couldn’t cook, clean nor dance and not dancing crushed me. So here i am for another round 60 pound down and loving it. I take being healthy serious because I love how I feel and can do things that ive never was able to such as running, push ups and sit ups. Also I know my family history I dont want to have any issues if possible. It feels amazing at the weight im at now. I feel so much lighter and stronger.

I decided to become an instructor to inspire others. Lead example. I take pride in myself and weight because everyone cant do the physical things at my weight and smaller. People are paying good money for what I already have. I will never be skinny and I dont want to as long as I can physically do what I want Im happy.”

(here is a video of her teaching one of her classes)

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