Chocolate-Peanut Butter Granola Apple Bites

Just grab your favorite apples (I think these are best with a sweeter red apple), a tub of peanut butter, your favorite crunchy granola, and if you’d like, some semisweet chocolate chips. Slice ‘em up, slather them with peanut butter, and go gaga with the granola. Drizzle melted chocolate over each bite for a lovely and even more delicious effect!


2 apples, sliced into wedges

1/4 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup granola, your favorite

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, for sprinkling

Semisweet chocolate chips, optional*


Coat tops of apple wedges in peanut butter and sprinkle with granola and cinnamon.

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring in 30 second increments until melted. Be careful not to overheat.

Drizzle wedges with melted chocolate, set on a large platter and serve.


To substitute the chocolate drizzle, you can sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top of the wedges. Or, leave the chocolate out altogether. They’re still delicious!

If not eating immediately, brush each side of apple wedges with a little lemon juice to avoid browning.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Shelly’s Roast Beef & Cheese Cucumber “Sandwiches”

Slices of Cucumber
Cold Cuts (I prefer low sodium Boar’s Head brand)
Sliced Cheese

1 slice of cheese and meat makes about 4 “sandwiches” you can spear them with a jazzy food pick for parties. For ease of assembly the day of a party (great weight loss friendly appetizers) or for a quickly made lunch during the week pre-cut the cucumbers the night before and place in a Ziploc baggie in fridge.

Power Walk

Workout for beginners. Stop making excuses get it ladies!

Eating snacks through out the day is good, eating healthy snacks through out the day is even better. Just by doing this it helps to prevent hunger and over eating. When food is in the system the body is constantly burning nutrients and slows down your appetite. Add some of these snacks to your diet.

Eating nuts is very beneficial for losing weight and overall good for your heart. This is especially recommended for people with heart disease and can help to lower the blood. Add this into your diet to help prevent developing any blood clots and other complications.

Do some Zumba to help keep in shape or lose some weight. Stay Active

Work it Ladies!



 Water Workouts

Exercising in the water is a great way to burn calories, tone your muscles and avoid stressing your joints. If, at this point, walking or jogging is too painful for your knees or hips, you can get your cardio workout in the water. Don’t worry, swimming doesn’t have to be your thing to shed fat with water workouts. In fact, you don’t even have to get your hair wet. Fast walking or light jogging back and forth or around the pool helps you lose weight, while the resistance of the water builds muscle. If you enjoy swimming, this is also an effective total-body conditioning and calorie-burning exercise.

You don’t need a punching bag to do the water exercise below , you can always improvise.

Walking Workout

Walking is an effective form of cardio exercise you can do alone, with friends, outside or indoors. Although it’s recommended that you do at least 300 minutes per week of cardio to lose weight, you can start wherever level you’re at and slowly work your way up. Even three, 10-minute walks each day can help you drop extra pounds. As your body adjusts to your walks and you find them becoming easier, start increasing the amount of time you spend walking. Get your muscles more involved by walking up and down hills or stairs during portions of your workout. You can also incorporate 30-second spurts of fast walking or jogging to blast fat and boost your calorie-burn.

Big girl booty workout

Jumping Jacks

Workout your hamstrings

 Squat Challenge. C’mon ladies you can do it! Try It!

Dance to exercise.


Get your cardio up.

 Stay Motivated, you can do this!