Aspiring Plus Size Models

Sasha RaNelle

My name is Symone Mann model name is Sasha RaNelle. I was born in Ohio but raised in Georgia  I’ve been modeling for almost 3 years now. I  am a 27 year old woman loves doing what she does. When I get behind a camera it’s like I’m being taken to another world. I am wanting to take my modeling to a whole new level. Not only do I want to be featured in videos and movies, I also have the aspirations of having my own modeling agency. My goal is to have every plus size woman to believe in themselves and to know that they are beautiful both inside and out. Love Peace and Happiness!


Instagram: sasha_ranelle
Bust 40
Waist 42
Hips 46
Height 5’8
State: Georgia


A southern country woman chasing my dreams to make every women feel beautiful in their own skin. I’m eager to work and to establish my Foundation in the industry; while motivating and inspiring others to uplift plus size women to rock their curves. I’m a single mom of 3, a lab technician in the chemical plants I go from steel toe boots to heels doing the best I can to support my household on my own I strive to show my kids I’m strong and hard working. I’ve always been a plus size women I want to reach women of all sizes to encourage them to uplift one another We’re all different in our own ways that’s what makes each of us unique we should all have the confidence to show the world with our heads held high while we embrace our body I am an aspiring plus size model who promotes body positivity and anti-bullying I started doing modeling the summer of 2016 it all began for the soul purpose to build my daughter Jasmine’s self-esteem to show her big is beautiful. In the end we are all human with feelings that want the same thing “to be accepted as we are” “to be loved unconditionally”

Bust: 42 c
Waist: 40″
Hips: 55.5″
Height: 5’6″
Dress: 2xl 18/20
Shoes: 9 usa
Houston , TX
Juanita Caudillo
Facebook: Nita Model Page


My name is Tameshia Sexton aka Mesh Monroe. I am the CEO and founder of Mesh Dollhouse. I am a very determined young woman who created Mesh Dollhouse, pursuing my dream as a plus size model and motivational speaker.  My company is a source of refuge and empowerment group for women as I am a two time survivor of domestic violence myself. From Struggle to Success I learned how to pull the positive out of any negative situation and now I am teaching women and men through my motivational seminars how to do the same.
The obstacles that I experienced could not break me. Instead it became my motivation and inspiration for wanting to see women come together for one purpose; EMPOWERMENT. I embraced modeling to encourage individual self-esteem and advancement. My advice to any up and coming model is to never give up on your dreams. If one door closes you find a another way around it. Use your strength to overcome and you will prosper in the end. Authenticity is the best practice.
Snapchat: iammesh85
Instagram: Iammesh_monroe
Bust: 38DDD
Waist 40′
Hips 53′
Height 5’0
Location: Miami, FL


Hey world this is Breann ‘The New Face of BBW Modeling.’ I want to show the world that thick, curvy, and plus is beautiful! I know that any pose that a “thin” model can do, us curvy girls can replicate just as well. My mission is to change the societal view of how a woman or a man is ‘supposed’ to look like. I want to help people understand that beauty comes from within, and once you see your own beauty your confidence will shine through.

I have always been a woman who thinks BIG PICTURE. Not only am I an aspiring BBW model, I am also an entrepreneur and visionary. Every day I work to build my empire. One day I will have my own clothing line, fragrance, makeup, or even skincare. The possibilities are endless with my drive and determination. I am working for these goals so that one day I will have the funds to open a non-profit to keep the music and arts in schools.

I believe that every child has a future and it’s our responsibility to guide, challenge, and give them the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. I also am very passionate about bringing awareness to bullying of all ages. I have experienced bullying in my own life and so I take this upon myself to be an advocate and stand up to bullies. I have helped many people with confidence building and tools and tasks to perform when they’re struggling with their self-worth. Overall, I am a beautiful BBW woman with a heart of gold who wants to be the CHANGE in the world. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my army of fellow curvy friends, family, and followers who I love SO much. I can’t wait to show the world what BrezzyB has up her sleeve.

Bust: 38
Wais: 36
Hips: 55
Height: 5’9


Hey my name is Jente Carter and I’m from Dallas Tx I’m an aspiring plus size model!!!! And my goal is to inspire plus size women, to let them know it’s ok to flaunt your curves, love your curves and it’s ok to love yourself!!!!! My dreams of becoming a plus size model is to travel the world and spread my confidence throughout the nation. And, also one day walk in New York fashion…. As well as gracing many magazines with all of my outgoing personality, confidence and fashion.

Bust: 44 DD
Wais: 54
Hips: 52
Height: 5’9
Dallas Tx
Facebook: Jente Carter 
Instagram: jente_vs_sasha


My name is Chantelle I am 29 years old and I am an aspiring plus size model. I love fashion and photography , creating beautiful images transforming into different looks and styles to suit multiple roles asked of me. I represent curvy women all over the globe to empower and encourage body confidence. We are all beautiful regardless of size or shape.  I love modelling, I have done catwalk shows for designers and also taken part in Afro Model Awards 2017 and was also a finalist at Miss British Isles 2017

Instagram: chantelle_louise04

Bust: 38C
Waist 35′
Height 5’5
Hips 44′


Ashleigh is a bi-coastal professional model that plans to use her platform to market art and medicine, uplift youth, and refocus what beauty is. Fashion, poetry but especially music has been Ashleigh’s form of vulnerability. Music ministry has been an art that has developed since a younger age. This musical singing ability lead Ashleigh to be apart of the national known music ministry, Derrick McDuffey and Kingdom Sound.

Ashleigh’s performances did not just stop on the stage. Her runway work for Full figured New York Fashion show, Portland Fashion Week, Seattle Fashion Week, Curvy Chic Fashion Show, ChubCart Wheels Fashion Show and many more. Ashleigh was signed in 2016 to Sports Lifestyle Unlimited modeling agency. During the year of 2015, and 2016 was Nominated for best plus model Portland’s Mercedes Benz, and worked with various notable photographers. She has modeled for brands life Nike, Beach Body, Avenue, Universal Standards, and the list goes on. However the best designer she was able to walk for was the design her mother and herself created: Tailored Made.

Bust: 43
Waist: 38
Hips: 48
State: Portland, Oregon


Amanda Boles was born in Jacksonville, Florida to a Navy family. Her mother served 21 years, providing her with the chance to travel and live abroad in places such as Italy and Japan. But she was primarily raised in southern Maryland, until 2012 when she moved to Baltimore to advance her own career in veterinary emergency medicine. Following a path she felt strongly connected to due to her love of animals.

As a mother of two, last year she decided to change her life and underwent weight loss surgery. Aside from the positive health effects it also helped her build up confidence and strengthen her self esteem. Everything was falling into place, and then a new love came. She found herself falling in love with plus sized modeling and the platform it could provide her to encourage and uplift other people like her. Most people do not search out the role model image but when it fell into her lap she embraced it.

She has started modeling in the Baltimore area, taking on every new chance that is presented, best described as thirsty for life. With her ambition, creativity, and desire to learn her beauty is more than a surface view all of which come out on camera and in print. The sky is the first floor and her dreams are the limit for her, endless possibilities even as a new comer.

Instagram: fitandfancy_

Facebook: Amanda Boles

State: Maryland


My name is Tammie AKA Renee and many call me Tammie Renee (it has a nice famous ring to it lol). I’m a mother of a teenager (17 year old to be exact), I’m an educator, & doctoral candidate.  I also teach the “Art of Seduction” class in my spare time.  I’m pretty social & enjoy traveling & living life. I never considered modeling until about 3 years ago when a few of my friends & family suggested I give it a try.  I’ve tried walking in a few shows & doing some photo shoots, however nothing has really taken off.  An absolute dream of mine is to be on a fashion billboard.
Bust: 40D
Waist: 34
Hips: 54
Height: 5’9
State: Brooklyn, NY