Aspiring Plus Size Models


My name is Chantelle I am 29 years old and I am an aspiring plus size model. I love fashion and photography , creating beautiful images by transforming into different looks and styles to suit multiple roles asked of me. I represent curvy women all over the globe to empower and encourage body confidence. We are all beautiful regardless of size or shape.  I love modelling, I have done catwalk shows for designers and also taken part in Afro Model Awards 2017 and was also a finalist at Miss British Isles 2017

Instagram: chantelle_louise04

Bust: 38C
Waist 35′
Height 5’5
Hips 44′


Ashleigh is a bi-coastal professional model that plans to use her platform to market art and medicine, uplift youth, and refocus what beauty is. Fashion, poetry but especially music has been Ashleigh’s form of vulnerability. Music ministry has been an art that has developed since a younger age. This musical singing ability lead Ashleigh to be apart of the national known music ministry, Derrick McDuffey and Kingdom Sound.

Ashleigh’s performances did not just stop on the stage. Her runway work for Full figured New York Fashion show, Portland Fashion Week, Seattle Fashion Week, Curvy Chic Fashion Show, Chubby Cart Wheels Fashion Show and many more. Ashleigh was signed in 2016 to Sports Lifestyle Unlimited modeling agency. During the year of 2015, and 2016 was Nominated for best plus model by Portland’s Mercedes Benz, and worked with various notable photographers. She has modeled for brands life Nike, Beach Body, Avenue, Universal Standards, and the list goes on. However the best designer she was able to walk for was the design her mother and herself created: Tailored Made.

Bust: 43
Waist: 38
Hips: 48
State: Portland, Oregon


Amanda Boles was born in Jacksonville, Florida to a Navy family. Her mother served 21 years, providing her with the chance to travel and live abroad in places such as Italy and Japan. But she was primarily raised in southern Maryland, until 2012 when she moved to Baltimore to advance her own career in veterinary emergency medicine. Following a path she felt strongly connected to due to her love of animals.

As a mother of two, last year she decided to change her life and underwent weight loss surgery. Aside from the positive health effects it also helped her build up confidence and strengthen her self esteem. Everything was falling into place, and then a new love came. She found herself falling in love with plus sized modeling and the platform it could provide her to encourage and uplift other people like her. Most people do not search out the role model image but when it fell into her lap she embraced it.

She has started modeling in the Baltimore area, taking on every new chance that is presented, best described as thirsty for life. With her ambition, creativity, and desire to learn her beauty is more than a surface view all of which come out on camera and in print. The sky is the first floor and her dreams are the limit for her, endless possibilities even as a new comer.

Instagram: fitandfancy_

Facebook: Amanda Boles

State: Maryland


My name is Tammie AKA Renee and many call me Tammie Renee (it has a nice famous ring to it lol). I’m a mother of a teenager (17 year old to be exact), I’m an educator, & doctoral candidate.  I also teach the “Art of Seduction” class in my spare time.  I’m pretty social & enjoy traveling & living life. I never considered modeling until about 3 years ago when a few of my friends & family suggested I give it a try.  I’ve tried walking in a few shows & doing some photo shoots, however nothing has really taken off.  An absolute dream of mine is to be on a fashion billboard.
Bust: 40D
Waist: 34
Hips: 54
Height: 5’9
State: Brooklyn, NY


The reason I inspire to be a Plus Size Model is because, what better way to show the world that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. It took me some years to understand that just because I’m a bigger girl, doesn’t mean I’m any less attractive or beautiful than the models that walk the runways in Paris. Or the fact that I can’t walk into a Five, Seven, Nine and pick up a thirteen or fourteen with my friends, doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of how I look. I now understand that it doesn’t matter wether you’re big, small, white, black, one or one-hundred, beauty lies within and comes from self love.

BIG IS BEAUTIFUL BABY, and theirs not a speck on my body that I don’t love! Being a model isn’t just about getting your hair and makeup done by the best Stylist or MUA in the world, or about having the fancy designer clothes on as you walk the runway. Its all of those things plus loving every freckle, every dimple, every fold, and every crease, knowing that everyone of those so called ‘imperfections” are what makes you, YOU!
My names is Angel Jay Wright. I AM a big beautiful woman, and I AM here to stay!!!!!!

5’4 1/2
42 Bust
37 Waist
40 Hips
State: Texas


Hi, my name is Dianne Johnson and I live in Northern New Jersey. The majority of my life I have always been the tall, black, fat girl in my schools and basically anywhere I went it also didn’t help that all of my friends were much shorter than me and nowhere near my complexion or weight. It definitely didn’t help that my father (also best friend) was reminding me every day that I needed to loose weight and stop eating so much. He stopped worrying so much about my weight when I started taking care of him he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer over a year ago and that’s when I lost my way. As of February 27 of 2017 I decided that modeling was something that was important to me because I wanted to share my positivity with others who look like me or even people who don’t look like me I want everybody to know that if you’re beautiful on the inside you will always be beautiful on the outside. So my platform for being a plus size model is body positivity for all , and knowing your self worth I’m still working on that one.

32 Inseam
35 Waist
46 Hips
State: New Jersey

Rae Nicole

Hailing from New Jersey, Rae Nicole Davis is a mental health advocate, civil servant, brand ambassador, blogger, and published model. She has been featured in publication such as Queen Size Magazine, Curvysta Magazine, Love U Magazine, and the cover of Courbee Revolucion Magazine. She has also been featured in Baltimore Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, the District of Curves Fashion Showcase, Curves Rock Fashion Weekend, and New York Fashion Week- Harlem Fashion Week Showcase.

In May 2017, Rae Nicole graduated from the Morgan State University with a MPH in Behavioral Health Science. She currently serves as a volunteer mentor and vice president for a mentor program for your young girls called EAGER, Inc. Being involved with the program since 2009 has nurture her passion for working with youth in Public Health whiling simultaneously influencing her career goals. As a model, Rae Nicole hopes to captivate the attention of youth and encourage healthy living and postive mental health. Her motto is “Greatness is not measured by what a woman or man accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has to overcome to reach to reach his [or her] goals,” Dr. Dorothy I. Height.

Facebook: Rae Nicole

Instagram: @MissDavis

Height: 5’9
45  bust
37 Waist
46 Hips
State: Maryland


I am a lover art and self-expression. Modeling is both to me, which is the reason I have gravitated towards the modeling world. Being confident in my own skin and who I am has been a life-long journey and through modeling, I feel that I can share my accomplishment of achieving self love by boldly and proudly wearing clothing with a smile and without self-doubt. Body Diversity is important to me and has become increasingly important to the fashion industry. I feel that through modeling, I can contribute to the message of body positivity and it’s importance.

46 1/2 bust
41 1/2 Waist
51 Hips
State: New York


My name is Alexandra Izzi and I am a 27 year old up and coming model born and raised in Northern NJ.  I’ve always embraced the unusual and refused to conform at the cost of being an outsider for most of my life.  My love for photography and modeling started at a young age and gives me a ferocity and technical outlook I believe sets me apart from the rest.  A snowboarding accident led to me putting my modeling goals on hold for nearly a decade, and when another injury left me bedridden for six months, I had to put my foot down: I was just going to get up and do it.  Done with missing opportunities, I have been working around the clock going to shoots , networking, and furthering my own photography hoping to one day be a role model for people like me who need to learn their imperfections make them beautiful.
42 bust
36 Waist
49 1/2 Hips
State: New Jersey


My name is Chelsie, I’m an aspiring body positive model near Seattle, WA. It took years to become comfortable with myself and I just want to be an inspiration to young girls. I want all women to know, no matter your size, age, and uniqueness you are beautiful. I have had the luxury recently of being published and working with the Seattle Library. There is more of me to come. I am into alternative modeling, such as Lolita fashion and cosplay. I also love fashion modeling. My hope is to become a more well name and to play a bigger role in the body positive movement.
57  bust
48 Waist
64 Hips
State: Washington


Hello , My Name Is Michaela But Prefer Calah ( Kayla ) . I’m 19 Years Old & From Saint Paul Minnesota. I’m A Fun, Outgoing, Adventurous, Ambitious Women . Growing Up I Was Always Teased And Tormented For Being The ” Fat Girl ” Or Rollie Pollie . I Never Really Went Out And Did Things Because I Was So Insecure & Didn’t Want The World Seeing Me Unless It Was Necessary . Fast Forward 2016 My Senior Year In High School I Seen Myself Becoming More Confident & Loving My Curves.

Slowly I Became Fascinated By The Beauty Of Plus Size Modeling . I Scheduled My First Shoot In April Of This Year And Have Loved The Feeling I Get When Behind A Camera . My Dream As A Plus Size Mode Is To Inspire Plus Size Women To Love The Skin They’re In & That They Are Beautiful ❤️❤️

Facebook : Michaela Thompson
Twitter : Yo_FavBbw
Snapchat: Tht_MixedGirl
Instagram: Yo_FavBbw

Bust – 44DD
Waist – 22
Height – 5’4
State: Minnesota


Since my body shape has changed, at first I cried but I’ve now embraced it , I’ve been told to show my curves off and try and get into plus size modeling I would love to it would show people you don’t have to be a size 0 to model and be body beautiful. There is so much stigma around body image and if I can make just one girl feel confident for showing curves that would be awesome.

I want to be able through modeling to get the message out there that you can be beautiful any size and also being healthy too. Just because I’m classed as plus size does not mean I don’t take care of my self I horse ride and swim 3 times a week, ever since I saw Ashley Graham rocking a swim suit got me wanting to do the same to show my curves off in front of a camera to be appreciated for the body I have and to inspire other plus sized girls. I would love nothing more than to be a “plus size model” big is definitely beautiful

36 E  bust
36 Waist
40 Hips
Country: UK


I’m plus model, Devorah. I currently live in Georgia. I’ve been modeling for almost 3 years. I started out singing and it never crossed my mind that I could ever be a model until someone asked if I ever tried it. Fast forward to now, I’ve grown tremendously as a model. I’ve been signed to a well known agency in New York. I’ve had the opportunity to walk in tons of shows (i.e. Full Figure Fashion Week, Ashley Stewart’s Love your Curves Tour, etc). I’ve also worked with major brand and company, Ashley Stewart for their online marketing, which also included their summer look book for 2017.

I’ve worked for the brand, Curlbox on their June and July editions. Now, thinking about the future, I plan to continue my journey as a model. I want to empower and uplift women through my platform. I want to venture into acting and refocus on music at some point, but right now, I’m fully invested into this industry and what it has to offer.

Ig: devorahstory
Facebook: Devorah Story

Height: 5’9
D Cup
36  Bust
34 Waist
50 Hips


My name is Sabrina Montoya or you can call me Brina for short. I am born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I am 23 years old with a bachelors degree in Accounting from Regis University. I started modeling three years ago with Barbizon Southwest aka Southwest Models and Talent agency. I have loved modeling since day one because it has helped me break open my shell, gain confidence and love life every single day. In the three years, I have done numerous amounts of photo shoots with many local photographers and have walked in many fashion shows around the metro area including Denver Fashion Week.
For me modeling is more than a hobby its a dream come true. I want modeling to be a full-time career in the future. I want to be an inspiration to women around the world. Let them know that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL no matter our size, our skin color, or our sexual orientation.  My motto is, “Be your own kind of beautiful”. We are all different in our own special way so why not make it your own beauty.
size- 14/16
bust- 42”
waist- 40”
height- 5’9”
hips- 44”
age- 23