Aspiring Plus Size Models


My name is Cherise Cuff. I am 37 years old and live in Boston, Massachusetts. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, work full-time as a lead preschool teacher and a mother of seven. I recently started modeling and I am loving it and know I am supposed to be in front of a camera or on a runway. Unfortunately society’s view of an ideal body has kept many of us from being recognized for the gorgeous women that we are and I just want to be acknowledged for the beautiful voluptuous curvy angel that I am.

instagram: cherise cuff
43  bust
40 Waist
49 Hips
12/14  Size
State: Massachusetts
Age: 37


I’m a very positive person who loves uplifting people and motivating them to love themselves first before able to love someone else. My dreams of becoming a model is to break the stereotypes of full figured or plus size women allowing others or better yet informing others that you dont have to be a socially accepted size(0,2,4etc..) To be sexy, sensual and fabulous.

instagram : undeniably_juicy

36  bust
27 Waist
35 Hips
State: Missouri
Age: 33


Hey my name is Ashley Thompson. I am up an up and coming plus size model in Charleston , South Carolina. I’ve been modeling for about eight months now ,and I must say I love it! My dream is to become a household name ! I want to change the outlook on BBW/plus size woman ! I love weird things, I love art, I love dressing for less, and I love people. I also have tattoos ,I think its a great way to express yourself. Hopefully one day an agency will pick me up! I want to model for a lot of different companies around the world. I want to be in catalogs, commercials, runways ,photo shoots , campaigns, everything ! fashion is my outlet and a way to express myself. From being the weird girl that was always called fat ,to a bombshell plus size model !

53  bust
48 Waist
59 Hips
State: South Carolina
Age: 23


As a child I was always thin. As I entered my late teens I began to gain weight. I had wanted to model but being only 5’3″ and already a size 12 there was no way I thought I would be able to. I grew up watching my mom yo-yo diet and I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. About 8 years ago I was a size 14/16 about 205# from a lot of walking. I started having some medical issues and slowly started to gain all the weight back.

I’m now at a point in my life that I am no longer paying attention to my weight. I am trying to change my lifestyle to manage my mental and physical health. My husband is a huge support for me and we have been changing together. We are going to the gym 3-4 times a week and changing our eating habits. I am learning to love myself the way I am and not focusing on my weight as much. Instead of setting number goals I’m setting stamina goals.
I had the boudoir pictures done for my husband, or so I thought. It turned out to be more for me than him. He told me that the pictures are how he sees me all the time. Whenever I begin to get discouraged by my weight my husband will have me look at the pictures so I can remember how he sees me. It’s a journey that I have to choose every day but it’s worth it! I feel stronger and happier than ever before!
44DD  bust
51 Waist
60 Hips
State: Washington
Age: 40


Holly Mullins lives life large. She knows that some of the most beautiful things come in larger sizes, like minds, hearts, and bodies. As a natural healer with clients across the country, she understands this on a deep level. She embraces her natural curves and wishes more women would do so; she would like to change the established criteria for beauty to include those whose curves give wider measure. Holly’s passion for modeling is also a calling. She lives her life to be an example to others and she wants to be part of the demise of one of the last areas of prejudice, weight. The lens of the camera sees the truth of the human body, that it is beautiful in all its forms.

instagram: Dragonangel84
44DD  bust
46 Waist
52 Hips
State: Virginia
Age: 32


Hello my name is Bobbie Lantz. I am a nurse and a massage therapist. I am from Ohio about 30 miles west of Toledo. I have a 2 year old son, who will be 3 at the end of the month. I am very busy with work and my son. I really just want to do something for myself, I have always wanted to become a model. When I was in high school I was told I would be a beautiful model and that I was very photogenic. I have had self confidence issues. I used to weigh 270lbs and had lack of self esteem, I have lost almost 90lbs and I’m starting to feel like the person I should always been. I’m more comfortable in my skin and I love being a plus size woman.

40in bust
38 Waist
45 hips
State: Ohio
Age: 29


Hello my name is Shanie Moreno,
I just saw your post on your page about the modeling call and I just had to give it a shot!
You see, I have just discovered love for my body over the past four years of my life. I used to be very shy and apprehensive about my body- never felt sexy. It was actually pages just like yours that taught me that I’m beautiful the way I am. Tess Holiday, The amazing model, had a lot to do with it as well. She has completely inspired me with her confidence, style, and self-love. After seeing what she’s done with her life. It became a huge goal of mine and something that my husband and I talk about often. I have just never known how to go about it to even get started. I am now a plus size woman that is confident and feels sexy and her body. I want to inspire other women to feel good about themselves- that would be the goal of modeling for me. I’ve been told that I’m very photogenic and I’d love to see where this opportunity could take me. I’m out going and assertive- I go after what I want. But I’m also humble and down-to-earth.
I hope to hear from you soon!
42DD bust
45 Waist
58 Hips
State: Texas
Age: 25


Hello I am Chicanda Ryles a amateur plus size model I’ve been inspired to become a model every since I saw Ashley Graham and I would like to be a part of this to show that plus size women are beautiful and that we can and is a part of this world I would like to work with you and your company and build a brand to make people open the eyes more to us plus size women.

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42 bust
46 waist
45 hips
State: Brooklyn, New York


My name is Faye Atwater. I dream of modeling because I never see models of my size (24w/26w)or with disabilities on the runway. I want to show size diversity is beautiful. Beauty doesn’t have a set standard. I believe beauty is defined by your heart, mind and soul not a dress size. I want to empower women to be fabulous, brave, and bold. We should love the image we see in the mirror, knowing we are creations of uniqueness.
42D bust
59 waist
64 hips
State: Georgia


Vivian Hutchins is a plus size model based in Arlington, Texas. She is experienced in print, runway and promotional modeling. Vivian became a plus size model after the encouragement of her family and friends. Standing at 5’6″ and at a size 16/18, Vivian skeptically ventured into the world of plus size modeling by becoming an independent model.

She has done multiple runway shows and photo shoots in many cities throughout the state of Texas. She has also traveled to hit the runways in Louisiana, Florida, Atlanta, Indiana and New York. Vivian’s ambitious attitude in captivating the essence of the present in leading the fight for plus-size women to be less clandestine and more out in the world. Her passion is to help every woman celebrate herself through self confidence, knowledge, and unique beauty by empowering plus-size women to love and accept themselves and inspire through action. Vivian believes “success is earned not given” she understands her life purpose.

Contact info:
Vivian Marrae Hutchins
Facebook: Kurvy Model Vivian 
Instagram: kurvymodelvivian
Bust: 45 1/2
Waist: 40
Height: 5’6″
Hips: 52
Age: 36
State: Texas