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Breaking beauty standards.

7 out of 10 women believe they aren’t good enough and 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with body weight ranking the highest.
It could be because of what we constantly see in media, what we hear from our closest friends,our family, or it could be what we say to ourselves when we see ourselves in the mirror.

Lately, Ive thought about what the world could look like if you could see the strength and beauty you possess and if we could do away with every label that has been placed on your life that tried to define you. Ive been thinking about how many more businesses there would be, motivational speakers, lawyers,women CEOs,models, and books written if we quit being afraid of our potential.

I have been there too, i believed that i wasn’t worthy of love, that the world would be better without me and that i would finally find happiness when i lost weight. Little did i know that no matter how much weight i lost, how much makeup i put on, how many people told me that i looked great,i would never find joy if i didnt see the beauty for myself.

The statistics i shared didn’t come from only plus size women but just Women. Women who were told they were not thin enough,not curvy enough,not tall enough,not pretty enough, not smart enough, and not powerful enough.

This 5 week photo series will highlight women every Wednesday, of all shapes and sizes, transparently sharing their own stories of their journey of confidence and overcoming their biggest hurdles. I hope as you follow, you see a bit of your self, and know that you aren’t alone. 2018 is our year.


– Leni Kei Williams

3 Ways to Start Loving Your Body Today

  1. Clean Your Digital House

The science is in: what you see most of, you become. One of the first suggestions I give to people who want to start learning to love themselves more is to take a good look at what kind of digital life they lead. Are you following weight-loss blogs or people who make you feel ashamed? Is someone on your Facebook feed not leading the kind of life you’re inspired and can relate with? Well, it’s time to say farewell!

Slowly start to incorporate websites, pages, and people who fill you up with inspiration and make you feel happier, more energized. People like Tess Munster and Jes Baker are just the tip of the body acceptance world, but they often share other people’s positive work too.  Clean and replace over time, and your digital life will reflect more of what you aspire to be, and you’ll feel more connected to the values of body acceptance.

  1. Trust Body Love Is Not Pass or Fail

Diets promote feelings of failure anytime you venture off course. For many women, the rigid life of dieting has left them scared to trust their own voice and body. Choices are either right or wrong, black or white, and living like that increases stress and unhappiness.

In the More To Love approach, body acceptance is defined simply as being honest with whatever arises as you work on yourself. Failure isn’t in the More To Love vocabulary. I tell my students “It’s impossible to fail at learning to love your body” because I strongly believe any approach which encourages greater awareness, compassion and understanding will always enhance your life.

When you shift away from trying to control each aspect of your body it’s similar to learning to walk—there will be bumps and falls, but it’s all worth it because eventually, you’ll move with greater freedom and ease.

  1. Learn How to Love Your Body

I believe the best approach to body acceptance is the one you create for yourself. Your body is unique, and when you know how to listen and tune in to it better, you will have a wealth of information to help you be happier. I’m not an expert on your body; I’m an expert on teaching women how to listen better to theirs.

The women who have gone through my More To Love Class each walked away with a plan on how to work on confidence while balancing health and happiness for their unique body. It’s so empowering to live your own standards and trust that you have what it takes to find balance with what you have right before you.

But perhaps the biggest tip out of all this is that when you choose to love your body, you are also making a commitment to respect and appreciate all parts of you, beyond the body. It’s a holistic approach, and one that filters out to every area of your life.

The body is a powerful window to help examine deeper areas of our lives, but often, we just need the right tools to help us see clearer.

– (plussizebirth.com)

Just added to our Aspiring Plus Size Models

My name is LaKeisha Stewart I’m 31 years old and I’ve wanted to model for some time now I have always love my curves and I carry all of this well. I have so much confidence that absolutely nothing can bring me down. I am so positive about the future I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me. I have a personality out of this world, I’m fun, I’m loud and I love life. I hope to break in to this modeling field with my eyes wide open. I want to gain exposure through my photos, I want to show all the little plus size girls that u don’t have to be a size 2 to make it in this industry. I want my family and friends to be proud of me. Know that I am gonna give my all to becoming a plus size model. I hope y’all are ready for all that I have to show.

Plus Size Modeling

When it comes to modeling everyone thinks that its easy, take a bunch of bathroom or cell phone photos, upload it to social media and bam “I am a model”. No it does not work that way at all and in 2018 most aspiring models think this way and will have no chance at making it big. With modeling comes a lot of responsibilities and you have to be disciplined enough to push through and to do what it takes to make it. That does include investing in your craft if you are truly passionate about it. From our observations and affiliations with different models here is list of what we Curvy Angels thinks it takes to make it.

1. Get some professional photos done.

If you want to be taken serious you have to look the part as well. When reaching out to different agencies and companies to work for, they at least want to see some quality work. To see that the person was dedicated enough to go and invest in their craft. That person is more likely to bee seen or responded to vs a person who takes a bunch of UN-professional cell phone pictures. No that is not going to cut it your best bet is getting some photos done. This does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. Photo shoots are as low as 100$ to get some basic shots done and some even cheaper, there is no excuses about it. Check your local listings  for local photographers. Go on facebook and join different modeling groups, they’re a bunch of photographers looking for work for cheap. Another good source is Craigslist to look for local photographers in your area. This is just to get you started if you have no clue on where to begin.

2. Build up your social media.

Once you have established yourself some decent professional photos, the process of reaching out to work with others will be easier now. Make yourself a instagram and facebook dedicated just to your modeling, this is now your modeling page. Try your best to keep it just that and not personal photos. Start reaching out and following other models and people similar to your interest. Reach out to brands , magazines, pages, social influencers etc etc. This is the best way to build relationships with others and possibly it may lead to some future work and colloborations. Always keep this mind, networking is important.

3. Maintain yourself and habits.

This is continuous work and you are going to have to keep working hard to make your goals a reality. This means investing in yourself and your health. Some companies and agencies may look for certain size models so this is very important to know if you are trying to apply to get into an agency. Agencies are big entities so they require and ask for more of the model because they will be representing them. On the other hand if you are not looking to be in an agency and do it alone than you are free to do whatever you want and represent yourself at any size. Take yourself serious and keep working hard towards your goals. Little steps leads to big results.